Dr Joseph Mathew


Head of International Programs (South Asia) at The National Trauma Research Institute

Associate Professor Joseph Mathew is the Deputy Director of the Trauma Service at The Alfred Hospital, the Head of International Programs (South Asia) at the National Trauma Research Institute and an Emergency Physician, The Alfred Hospital.

Associate Professor Mathew’s special interest is in Trauma and is a leading advocate for implementation of Trauma systems in developing nations to save lives. He is been an invited speaker to multiple national and international conferences.

He is been a leading educationalist in Emergency Medicine/Critical care field and is the founder of a few well established popular courses in Australia and other countries. Associate Professor Mathew has multiple publications in peer reviewed journals and is a leader in the integration of mobile apps in the field of trauma resuscitation. His focus is also in developing artificial intelligence systems in decision making in acute trauma resuscitation. He is also involved in spine and chest injury clinical studies.

Joseph Mathew

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