Dr Luke Phillips

FACEM, MBBS (UniMelb), BSc (BioMed) (Hons), CCPU, (ASUM - BELS, eFAST, Lung)

Emergency Physician at Alfred Health in Melbourne

Dr Phillips is an Emergency Physician at Alfred Health in Melbourne and is currently the coordinator for point of care ultrasound education within the department. Dr Phillips has special interest in the use of ultrasound for critically unwell patients, in trauma management and in the use of ultrasound to guide procedures and improve patient safety in the ED.

In addition to ultrasound, Dr Phillips is developing a Certificate of Emergency Medicine for the Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre’s International Program and also has special interests in airway management and simulation.

Dr Phillips is the creator and editor of the open access education website and blog – www.pocusgeelong.com, a reviewer for the POCUS section for Life in the Fast Lane weekly review and an instructor with Ultrasound Training Solutions in Melbourne. Dr Phillips is currently a Co-Chair of the Victorian branch of the Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Group (EMUGS) and has completed a number of CCPU units through ASUM. His twitter handle is @lukemphillips

Luke Phillips

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