Clinical Nurse Specialist in Elderly care

  • Certified by Alfred Health & Monash University, Australia
  • Periodic Webinars by International Faculty
  • Alfred Health is ranked within top 3 emergency leaders worldwide.

Educational Objective

The program aims to provide essential skills to nurses working with elderly people in a hospital/nursing home environment. The 3-month module will consist of university/hospital based lectures, webinars and individual tutorials with a strong focus on work-based learning

Mode of Delivery

  • Skype and on site classes by GHA expert faculty
  • On site simulation based practical training
  • Clinical postings
  • Reading material provided

Course Modules

  • Explain the challenges of caring for elderly people
  • Manage Commonly obtaing medical conditions in the medical care of elderly patients
  • Manage the impact of long term conditions on family and relatives/wider community

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the risk of malnutrition using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST).
  • To identify markers of weight loss
  • How to use weight charts
  • Explain types of enteral and parental nutrition
  • How to insert nasogastric tubes (NGS) & NGs with bridle
  • Maintain accurate fluid balance and know the importance of accurate fluid balance
  • Name the drugs associated with management of long
    term conditions
  • Appropriately manage pain in older people
  • To communicate with elderly people
  • Provide information on other communication aids and strategies that we can utilise with elderly people
  • How to maintain skin integrity
  • How to manage pressure ulcer
  • Grading pressure ulcers
  • Wound management, including choice of dressings
  • Explain the term dementia & the different types of dementia. 
  • How to manage patients with distressed patients
  • How to manage delirium
  • Assess mental capacity in patients with dementia.
  • Appropriate use of restraints - physical and pharmacological
  • Learning Outcomes - Modules
  • Understand the etiology of Parkinson's.
  • The impact of Parkinson's on patients (psychosocial)
  • To explain medications used in treating Parkinson's
  • The importance of correct timing of medications
  • Complications of Parkinson's disease
  • Role of family/carers in management of Parkinson's
  • To outline the risk of falls associated with hospital care
  • To use the multi factorial falls assessment tool
  • To implement the post falls protocol and procedure
  • To analyse and reflect using falls specific case examples
  • How to perform lying and standing blood pressure
  • To explain medications used to treat syncope
  • To safely carry out urethral catheter care protecting the
    patient from contamination by pathogenic organisms
  • Explain the potential risks associated with poor catheter care.
  • Explain the appropriate use of laxatives and enemas.
  • How to manage people towards the end of life
  • Symptom management in end of life
  • Medications used in end of life
  • Explain available alternative therapies.
  • Be able to use syringe driver during the end of life


  • Written Report
  • Practice assessment document


Applicants should have a graduate nursing degree (BSc/GNM) with a minimum of two years nursing experience

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Last Date to Apply 15th February 2019

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Sister Lorraine Paruma

Postgraduate in Diabetes  Management, Tissue Viability, Health Policy

Lorraine Paruma trained at the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. Since her training, she has held various positions within the NHS. She was in General Medicine initially, then moved on to be a Practice Educator within Acute Medicine (Internal Medicine). 

She received a sponsorship to attend King’s College, London, where she completed several postgraduate courses, such as Diabetes  Management, Tissue Viability, Health Policy and Professional Practice, wherein she concentrated on the Dementia Strategy.
In 2007, she began focusing on Elderly Care Medicine as a Practice Educator at St George’s University Hospital, London, which is one of the biggest teaching hospitals in the UK. During 2013 she also worked a Senior Sister in the Elderly Care wards, where she gained immense knowledge and experience. 

In 2014, she went back to being a Practice Educator for Acute and Elderly Care Medicine. She helped achieve a Quality Mark in the Elderly Care Ward, something only a handful of wards in UK have been able to achieve.  She continues to support trained nurses and healthcare assistants within her role.