Help and FAQ

Q1. Will this certification help me in finding better job prospects?

This certificate is from the most renowned institute in the word on emergency care, Alfred health, will hugely enhance the opportunity of getting national and international placements.

Q2. How will the course be conducted?

The course is divided into two sections, namely online and bedside teaching

Q3. What is the timeline for completion of the online course?

The Alfred Health will provide a module wise schedule and the timeline for the completion of the online course. The course can be accessed from any location at one’s own convenient time within the time schedule given.

Q4. How do I get access to the course?

The students who get enrolled in the course will be given a login Id and password to access the course material. The course is also accessible on the mobile phone by downloading Moodle app.

Q5. How often am I required to come to the EduMed Campus?

The student is not required to come to the EduMed Campus, but has to complete the course in the hospital that is affiliated to Edumed / Alfred Health.

Q6. How is the course graded?

The practical sessions are assessed by the In-house faculty based on OSCE method, and assessment tools given by Alfred The online assessment is directly graded by Alfred Health.

Q7. Will the online progress be monitored?

The online progress will be monitored by the administrator of Alfred Health, Edumed and the Faculty involved in teaching.

Q8. What If I have any online IT difficulties?

Any unforeseen difficulties the Edumed faculty or course administer can be approached to resolve the same.

Q9. Do we have access to all the modules that will be taught?

Access to all the modules is restricted. When the first module is completed, access to the next module is provided.

Q10. How much time do I have to spend on each module?

The time allotted for each module is prescribed by Alfred Health, it depends on the length and depth of the topic to be covered.

Q11. Can we have interaction with other students?

Yes, as and when needed.

Q12. Can I drop the course in between and rejoin later?

The course is modular and therefore the students cannot discontinue. Incase of a dropout due to unavoidable situations, they can rejoin in the next term as a new admission.

Q13. What are the payment options?

Payments can be made as a one-time payment through NEFT transfer or cheque or cash before the course commencement