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EduMed aims at transforming the delivery of medicine and healthcare practices, by adopting an innovative approach to clinical education and training. EduMed is collaborating with world leaders in simulation and medical education to deliver advanced clinical training programs in key emerging areas such as emergency medicine, geriatric care, infection control and others. Our partners include Laerdal of Norway, Alfred Health – Monash University in Australia, Global Health Alliance, UK and others. The Society for Emergency Medicine India (SEMI), the apex body in this life-saving specialty, is also our collaborator.

EduMed’s primary focus is upskilling to enhance career opportunities for nurses and doctors, while improving specialised care and patient outcomes. The training programs involve multi-modal (blended) delivery by senior Indian and international faculty. The mode of delivery comprises of course material, online self-directed learning, live lectures, upgradation of skills through simulation techniques as also immersive experience through placements at partner hospitals. The programs range in duration from a couple of days to three months to a year. Our experienced and dedicated faculty are complemented by visiting international faculty. All learning activities take place in India and are based on the "Learn while you Earn" concept, with balanced components of online and offline learning.

Students for EduMed training programs are enrolled from across the Indian health system sector. The programs are designed in a manner so as to facilitate the retention of students in the healthcare system by ensuring that they are contextually relevant to the Indian setting. Healthcare professionals will hold speciality qualification and will be eligible for national and international placements in top hospitals.

EduMed is a wing of Care Institute of Health Sciences (CIHS), which is primarily involved in the training of doctors and nurses in a simulated environment through Safercare. The Safercare Simulation Lab is a state-of-the-art facility, spread over 16,000 sq feet in the heart of Hyderabad, India. We are collaborating with world leaders in simulation and medical education like Laerdal of Norway, Alfred Health – Monash University in Australia, Global Health Alliance, UK, and others. Short term courses of two days to a week for nurses and doctors in key competencies such as emergency, critical care, oncology, neurology and more. Safercare’s experienced and dedicated faculty deliver high quality training, while facilitating research, through “High Fidelity Manikins”.

CIHS is also involved in the skilling of healthcare workers across the country in partnership with corporate and State Governments. Another wing of CIHS focuses on community care, offering home health care and conducting preventive and management programs for non-communicable diseases.

Our Vision

To transform the healthcare delivery system through advanced education and research.

Our Mission

Training Architecture

Developing comprehensive and structured instructional design, co-created with stakeholders and customized to the experiential learning objectives of the participants.

Systems Approach

Adopting a holistic approach to medical education by encompassing domains such as technology, leadership, societal and team dynamics, along with the traditional biological and clinical sciences, to meet the needs of the contemporary healthcare environment.


Advanced learning platforms that enable anywhere, any time multimodal learning, creating a seamless global classroom for healthcare professionals with multi-national faculty

Leveraging Technology

Skillful and optimum leveraging of technology that is a global model for innovative and impactful training solutions.

Our Values


Identify with the feelings of patients and caregivers for deeper understanding and consequent delivery of services in a compassionate manner


High ethical conduct and identifying oneself with the organization


Treat everyone with courtesy and dignity to create fellowship and camaraderie, which enhances mutual respect and belongingness


A collaborative work ecosystem, where the collective efficiencies are harnessed for delivering the best possible care.